About US

Peter Horwath

Mr. Peter Horwath became involved in crypto through the energy industry. As an entrepreneur and world authority on issues such as future trends, system efficiency and Thermal Energy Storage Systems, Pete has long been interested on making crypto mining sustainable by harvesting heat from crypto mining to offset crypto mining’s carbon footprint. It was while sourcing miners for an energy demonstration project that Pete Horwath quickly discovered the need for a safe, reliable US Based source for crypto mining equipment. Pete brought together a world class team to develop this goal and CryptominersRUs was formed bring the world a trusted source for everything crypto mining. 

Stephen Sedlacek

Mr. Stephen Sedlacek has over 22 years’ experience with a Major Retailer with a focus on Project Management. He has a family of 5 and enjoys spending time with them, traveling, casinos, fishing and other outdoor activities. He developed an interest in Crypto Currency in early 2020 when it was introduced to him by a friend. Since then, he has been researching and exploring the best projects to invest in while exploring all aspects of the blockchain including NFTs, the Metaverse and alternative energy solutions. He is glad to have found partners in such a growing industry and looks forward to the growths ahead. 

Eric Blackwell

Mr. Eric Blackwell a North Carolina native with over 18 years’ experience in Logistics, transportation and digital marketing.  Over the past years his hobbies have evolved from sports fishing, online gaming to developing a passion for the crypto world.  Like many others he never stops exploring its capabilities and what positive effects it can have on our future and looks forward to being apart of something that truly gives back. Its a cause he believes in whole heartedly and now he’s found a team that shares his dream.

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